Monday, September 15, 2008

CFNM Stories

I knew a guy who was a male stripper going from cities to cities , holding between 1 to 3 shows in each of them. He would tell us those incredible male stripper / cfnm stories making all of us jealous. He told us that after each of his shows he would bang at least one hot chick back at his hotel. Sometimes 2 or 3 girls at the same time. But one night, after a particularly good show, a group of 5 hot women, early 20's, came to him and flirted heavily with him. He invited all of them back to his hotel room. And they came! I guess they couldn't get enough of is donkey-sized dick and they all got to suck on it one last time. He started by fucking 3 of them, because 2 of them didn't want to have sex with him but by the end of the night, he fucked all 5 of them! Maybe they had boyfriends who knows, but at the end, I guess they couldn't resist a tanned Fabio look-alike with a big cock lol.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Stripper Story

This is a stripper story that happened to a guy I knew. He went to the strip club with a bunch of friends for his birthday. They sang happy birthday to him, etc. Everybody in the club knew it was his birthday. At one point, a black girl and a blonde were the dancers. They motioned him to come on the stage. Once on the stage they started to take off his clothes. They pull down his pants and boxers. But the best part was that they both started to suck on his dick. They didnt finish him off there but they did by grinding his dick with their ass once he got back on his chair!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mature Sex Story

This is a story that happened to a friend of mine that has worked and still working on a cruise ship. Most of the people on board were senior citizens. That's not really his type. He was around 36 y.o. and not bad looking. But said that he could let himself be interested by any sexy mature women under 55. In other words, she needed to look good.

He told me that during this trip, he never had in his life that many women flirting with him. The only problem was, most of them he wouldnt touch with a stick. Amongst them, many "sugar mommies" trying to seduce him with their wealth. But out of the lot, a few turned him on, especially a few Spanish women who were very affectionate towards him. They were 3, in their late 40's early 50's. One was hot, they other was doable and the last one, not so much but tolerable. But as he puts it, the idea of having group sex really turned him on, and a threesome leaving one on the side line would probably not be possible and would offend them. So he invited the 3 of them to his cabin later in the evening for a little party. They showed up glammed up as if they are going clubbing or something. They looked pretty good he said. So come out the drinks. The women had already drank a little. Put on some party music and the women get loose, dancing.

My friend is dancing too. They are grabbing his butt. He his doing the same. He grabs their tits, they grab his crotch. They get naked and the real fun starts! The women start to suck his dick, one by one. They were actually fighting for it he told me! Then he decides to go down on them. Yeah, he was drunk he insisted. lol All had hairy pussies, just as he likes it. One of the women came under 3 minutes he said! Then he fucked them, one by one until they came. He said one kept coming after just a few minutes everytime lol. And they did that for a few hours! Now I have seen a picture of those women and while they were pretty decent looking, I'd bang them I admit, I still have a hard time imagining them in a foursome! haha